Choose Our Sponsorship Program

What we’re looking for.

  • YouTubers with 10,000+ subscribers (can be lower if video views are still good)
  • Streamers with 1000+ followers
  • Large discord servers
  • Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, instagram pages
  • Gaming organisations / communities
  • Mod Developers
  • Related companies.

What we are not currently looking for:

  • eSports organisations
  • Communities focused on games that we do not provide game servers for.
  • Fortnite communities
  • Communities that are primarily made up of under 13 year olds

Some ideas of what we can provide in return

  • One-time or on-going payments
  • Computer hardware/software
  • Game servers
  • Website hosting
  • Dedicated servers

To apply, you must include the following information:

  • Links to all your own social media that you are happy to include as part of the sponsorship
  • Who you are and how old you are
  • Information about your community make-up
  • Monthly follower/subscriber gain if applicable
  • Website analytics with proof if applicable
  • Information and links of any other mods you have created if applicable
  • What you are looking to gain from us
  • What you can provide to us

Why should you pick us?

We have a strong moral, caring, dedicated and custom focused attitude to what we do. Satisfaction is and will always be our number one priority, we want to make sure each and every client enjoys their time here fully and will do all in our power to achieve this.

We want to help each client achieve what they are looking to do, maybe what they’re trying to do, is something we can’t provide. We’d rather refund them and help them on their way than make them feel they’ve made a mistake.

We pay our taxes around the world, we pay our affiliates and the companies we work with, what they deserve for their hard work.

When you choose us to work with and help promote our services, you know that you’re backing a company that wants to do all it can to add value to gamers around the world, to help them achieve what they want and provide them with a great experience.
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