Please note, we have a Helpdesk for help with things like; server issues, configuration, installing mods and more. The below FAQ is mainly for sales related or basic questions. If you are not able to find what you are looking for, please contact us, we are always happy to help!

GENERAL QUESTIONS Questions relating to our services and initial sign up.

How much RAM am I allocated for my server?

All services are provided a dedicated physical RAM amount shown on the checkout at the time of order. You can upgrade or downgrade this amount at anytime.

All Minecraft plans have set RAM limits due to each plan being a specific RAM amount.

What do I do if my game server is not instantly created?

In some cases, your game server may not be instantly created. The reasons for this can include:

The installation failed to set up automatically.
Your order hit our stock limits. We never overload our nodes to ensure performance.
Our fraud system required additional verification. (See “What happens after I order my game server?” for more clarification.

We receive notification for all of these cases so will already be working hard to resolve it for you before you even notice.

Should you not receive a welcome mail within 30 minutes please contact our support team who will investigate. Rest assured we will always compensate you for any delay should there be an issue.

What happens after I order my game or voice server?

All our TCAdmin game servers and TS3 servers are sent to our automatic setup system immediately after cleared payment, this means your game or voice server will be activated and ready for use within minutes!

The exact setup time does depend on several factors such as the game server chosen, the hardware, and current setups in progress. Usually, it is between 2 and 20 mins.

For Space Engineers and Medieval engineers, these are set up manually and usually take a couple of hours to setup. We guarantee that they will be set up within a maximum of 12 hours. But in almost all cases, they’ll be set up in just a few hours.

Once your server has been set up via either method, you will receive an email with the login details, please be sure to check your spam or junk folders encase it goes in there.

There are rare occasions where your order will be flagged for verification such as if our fraud system has flagged the order, be sure to enter accurate details to avoid this possibility. It may also be flagged if it is a large order. This can delay setup. If this is the case you will receive an email from us with what to do.

I'm having problems with my game or voice server, what should I do?

If you’re having issues with your game or voice server, there are a few things you should do:

1) Check Our social media pages, Facebook and Twitter, we always post about server issues here

2) If you’re using TcAdmin, login to your control panel as we may also post an announcement here that will be shown to you upon login about any open issues.

3) Visit our announcement page.

4) Visit our up-time page to see if any servers are currently down

5) If nothing has been reported, please check our helpdesk in case the issue can be solved by a tutorial here.

6) Submit a ticket here, explaining the issue in detail and we will be happy to help. We operate 10am to 10pm EST, year round!

How long do game server upgrades or downgrades take?

The time it takes all depends on the upgrade type and game server:

Slot or CPU process priority upgrades for game servers using our TcAdmin control panel is done automatically within a few minutes and effective immediately. Ensure you upgrade during a down period as it can restart instantly.
Slot of CPU process priority upgrades for our Space Engineers or Medieval Engineers servers are done manually and will be done as soon as possible subject to staff availability.
RAM Upgrades for Minecraft are automatically within a few minutes effective on the next restart.
For other upgrades such as location changes and hardware upgrades for any game server. These are done manually, after order, we will contact you to arrange the change at a suitable time.
If its a location or hardware change, these will take 1-3 hours to move everything over to the new server depending on the size of any mods, your map etc (all your configuration/saves etc will be transferred). Location changes do require an IP change.

Can I switch to a different game server?

We can switch to any game we provide, simply by contacting us.

Depending on the game you pick there maybe a change in pricing, which will be discussed with you.

What hardware do you use?

Our game servers are provided on 100% high-quality Intel hardware. We continually assess our hardware to ensure we offer high-performance hardware to give you lag-free gaming. Below are just a few examples of the hardware we use:

Intel i7 7700k, 64GB DDR4 RAM, NVME Disks
Intel i9 9900k, 64GB DDR4 RAM, NVME Disks.
Intel E2288G, 128GB, DDR4, NVME Disks.
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, 128GB DDR4 RAM, NVME Disks.
Intel E5-1650 V3, 128GB DDR4 RAM, SSD Disks
Dual Intel E5-2690 v2, 256GB DDR3 RAM, SSD Disks

We have a range of high-quality hardware for all situations. No one game server is the same setup and may require specific hardware.

We also only provide game servers on physical machines, no virtual machines or cloud-based gaming to ensure the best performance.

What is the average support response time?

Our aim is to respond within the hour, if not sooner. Most replies are answered within 15 minutes if not faster than this!

We pride ourselves in our support services something which we feel sets us apart from other provides. As we believe a friendly, caring and supportive team with no automation, no re-used responses which are what a support team should be.

Do you take off site backups?

Yes as any reputable host should! These are held off site and should they be required you can request a backup from us. We highly encourage using the panels built in backup methods or manual backups as an additional level of protection.

This will help you in case of issues with your game saves or in the unlikely and rare event of a hardware failure. Meaning you are always covered.

We always recommend taking your own backups regardless of ones we take, which can be done in the game panels.
BILLING Common billing-related questions.

Do you have a refund policy?

Your satisfaction is our highest priority so we yes we do offer a refund policy! We offer a 7 days satisfaction based refund policy on all our game servers and TeamSpeak 3 servers. (T&C’s do apply) So if you are unsatisfied with your service, you may request a refund during the first 7 days by contacting support via support ticket.

We also offer a 24-hour full refund policy for changes of mind or any other reason. We cannot offer refunds on our dedicated servers and service add-ons.

If I upgrade mid billing term, how much do I need to pay?

You only need to pay the difference between your current game servers price and the upgraded one for the remainder of your current billing term.

For example, if your current game servers price is $10 per month, and the upgraded server is $15 per month and you upgrade midterm with 15 days left on your billing period, you would only need to pay $2.50 at that time.

I've found a cheaper game server host. Can you beat their price?

Yes in most cases we can! We compare on a like for like basis so the competitor must offer similar specs and hardware for us to be able to match them. Get in touch and let’s see what we can do for you!

Fill out the form here with as much detail as possible and we will check it over.

What Payment methods can I use?

We accept PayPal, all major debit and credit cards, Bitcoin and more. Either through the PayPal or Stripe.

Through Stripe, which is just the Debit/Credit card option, we support Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

We also provide a public pay system where anyone may contribute to the payment of your services using a unique link, they can pay via PayPal, or G2APay via this method. This system has also been known as clan pay or group pay.
ARK: Survival Evolved Game Servers Questions relating to ARK game servers.

What Version of Ark do you support?

We provide game servers for the Steam version of ARK: Survival Evolved. This includes cross-play by default with the EPIC store version of the game.

We do NOT provide for XBOX, Windows Store, Mobile or PS5 versions of the game.

If you need it for another platform and ordered in error, do not fear simply contact our team for a refund.

Can I cluster my servers?

We do provide cluster support! Simply order more than one server and contact us to arrange to cluster.

You can order and utilize as many servers as required for your clusters. We also provide multi-server discounts too so best to reach out to us to discuss your needs.

Do you provide mod update notifications?

Our workshop browser system installs and provides an automated update method for keeping mods up to date. This includes providing notifications directly on the server for incoming updates.

For full information on this system see our helpdesk guide here.

Can I mod my game server?


Modding your game server can open up many different options for you and your players. As long as the game has modding capability, we can provide the features and tools for you to mod it.

For games such as ARK, they have their own automated mod download tools, so your mods are always updated without you needing to manually do so. You’re able to upload mods via FTP or our file manager, or using the Steam Workshop Browser within the panel.

We also provide the ability to have our team set-up the mod side of your server as per your specifications with our initial admin setup solutions.

Do be mindful that mods you run on the server can affect the performance of the server as they change and add many things to the core game.

Do you support ARK API?

We support ARK API and provide the most popular plugins with our easy 1 click installation using our Mod Manager. You can also request a plugin by putting in a ticket to our support steam.

If you have paid for a premium plugin we would need to obtain these from the creator. In most cases, we will have contact with popular plugin creators to do this.

Can I upload my own world?

Yes, you can upload your own world and player saves to the server to continue where you left off.

We can also transfer your server from another provider for you just contact our support team to discuss this.

What control panel do you use?

We use TCAdmin2 for our control panel. This is a well known and most common game hosting control panel in the industry.

Do I get a free MYSQL database?

Yes. We provide this to all clients as standard for use with mods and ark API plugins as they desire.
Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers These apply ONLY to Space Engineers or Medieval Engineers game servers

Do you offer Space Engineers "Torch"? (previously known as Server Extender)

Yes we do support Torch! It can be installed and activated on all our Space Engineers servers in just 2 clicks via our custom control panel. Both Essentials and Concealment plugins installed automatically, and others can be added on request by contacting us via support ticket.

Can I install workshop mods?

Yes! You can easily install Space Engineers or Medieval engineers workshop mods by simply putting the mod ID in a box in the control panel. No need to edit any files and we don’t limit you at all. The mod is then automatically installed and updated on server restart.

What control panel do you provide?

We provide our custom control panel SESM for you to easily control your Space Engineers or Medieval engineers game server. We also provide a TcAdmin configuration for Space Engineers (different control panel), which you may choose to be placed on by contacting support, this panel has a few benefits including more direct access to the core Space Engineers files and on demand updates (updates which you start using a button in the control panel) which some people prefer.

Can I access my server files?

Yes! You can access your Space Engineers or Medieval engineers files through our built in file manager to upload, download, delete and edit the files without leaving your browser. Through SESM, we do not offer FTP via an FTP client, this is because we have designed this control panel so you can do everything easily without ever needing to manually edit the files. Using our TcAdmin control panel for Space Engineers which you can choose to use we also offer access to the core Space Engineers files and full FTP access using your preferred FTP program, you can choose to be on this control panel instead by contacting us after order.

Can I make my game server private?

Yes! You can do this by setting up a steam group with only the people you want to join in the group, then adding the group ID to your Space Engineers or Medieval engineers game server through your control panel. You can also setup a password and assign that to the server so only those who know the password can join the server.

Is there a backup system?

Yes! You can activate up to 3 different levels of automatic backups for free via the control panel; Level 1 – Every 6 hours Level 2 – Every day Level 3 – Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday You can also take a backup at any time by downloading the map through the control panel at anytime. We also take off-site backups every day automatically for free, and you can also upgrade to hourly offsite backups during order.
TcAdmin Game Servers These apply to all our game servers using the TcAdmin control panel.

Do you offer FTP access?

Yes! You can either use the built in file manager, or connect to your game server with an FTP program to access your files.

Can I mod my game server?

Yes, as-long as the game has modding capability, then we will have the features for you to mod your game server. You can easily install mods to your requirements either through our custom built mod installation tools, our mod manager where you can install them in one click, manually through the file manager or FTP client, or by using our management services to install them for you. The exact available mod installation tools available depend on the the game server chosen, but all game servers will have the ability for you to install any mod you wish onto the game server.

Do you create offsite backups of the game servers?

Yes, we take daily off-site backups which are stored for 7 days of all game server save files for FREE, included in your game servers price, which you can restore on request by contacting support. We also have off-site hourly backups which you can purchase during your order. Please note we do not currently have backups for our Minecraft servers, but are working on developing this system.

How can I configure my game server?

For the majority of our game servers and all our popular ones, we offer an easy to use configuration editor where you can edit the configuration of your server through simple drop downs, tick boxes and text fields. When there are also settings that can be added that are not included in the configuration editor, we also offer direct access to the file where you can edit any setting you require to the file directly.
Minecraft Game Servers Questions about our minecraft servers

What control panel do you offer for your Minecraft servers?

We offer the Multicraft control panel for use with your Minecraft server with ServerBlend

Which Minecraft edition are your game servers compatible with?

Our Minecraft servers are for the Java edition of Minecraft

Do you offer FTP Access?

Yes, you can connect to your Minecraft game server with the FTP client of your choice.

Can I upload my own JAR files?

Yes you can upload your own jar files via FTP.