This is a page written by me, the owner, to talk to you about what my company offers and hopefully give you confidence in our ability to deliver to you, what you’re looking for.

User Friendly

Countless hours into developing and changing the control panels offered, to be user friendly, and be easy on the eyes. To what I hope will make you creating, configuring and managing the game server an enjoyable experience.

I’ll provide some images below for you to have a little look.

Experienced Support Staff

Over the years the company has been operating I have made it a core foundation for myself, and my staff to learn about the services provided, and share this knowledge between us all. Therefore growing all of our knowledge, to be able to offer a better service to you from our experience.

Guaranteed Hardware

I developed a system I like to call the custom game server hardware selection system. Yeah that’s right, its a bit long winded… I should probably think of something better... This system is unique, it enables you to choose, and therefore guarantee the hardware that your server will be placed on.

This allows you to choose the hardware that best suits your purpose, access different levels of hardware, and change between them at will. Some game servers work best on servers with a higher number of cores, others work best on servers with a very fast single core cpu speed. Others need lots of space, others demand fast disc read and write rates. Choose ServerBlend, and you’ll have the freedom to grow.

If a game server applies for custom config, you’ll see a link to the system on that game servers information page. Not all game servers are in this system yet, but I can in most cases manually upgrade you from standard even on ones that don’t publicly offer custom config.

Choose. Change. Grow.

Worldwide locations

When choosing the location offered for hosting, I always check and test the network performance. The first most important factor when proving a service over the internet, especially one as sensitive as game servers, is to make sure the network is good. If I were to get the most powerful dedicated servers to host with, it wouldn’t make any difference if the network they had access too was rubbish.

They all offer DDOS protection, and you can switch between any of them at any time.
Enjoy benefits from companies we work with:


Liberty Co-Owner

Manages the servers, back-end and admin related work. The direction of the company and growth.

Anthony Co-Owner

Manages the support team, finances and the direction and growth o the company.

Ryan Tech Support

Handles support during the night and also works on creating and improving our tutorials.

James Tech Support

Handles support during the week.

Jess Tech Support

Handles support during the week.

Cammie Tech Support

Handles support during the week.

Aly Tech Support

Handles support during the week.